Version 2.22 January 2020


This guide gives a non-technical introduction to the use of the dynamic microsimulation model DYNAMIS-POP. DYNAMIS-POP is an open-source, customizable microsimulation platform for socio-demographic projections portable to most developing countries. It produces detailed population projections on the national and sub-national level including education, first marriage, ethnicity, fertility, child mortality, prenatal care, and immunization. DYNAMIS-POP is based on data readily available for most developing countries and - built as a modular platform - can be extended and adapted to specific needs. This guide introduces the generic standard version of the model focusing on its parameters and the creation of scenarios. For testing and training we provide an implementation for an imaginary country together with a starting population and a set of default parameters created/estimated from synthetic data. DYNAMIS-POP has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and runs on a standard Personal Computer under Windows. The use of DYNAMIS-POP is demonstrated by application examples which can be directly replicated.