6.1. Model Users

To run Modgen applications on a PC, the Modgen Prerequisites have to be installed. This program is free and can be downloaded from the Statistics Canada Website at:


The user version together with examples and sample data of DYNAMIS-POP 2.22 can be downloaded from here:


6.2. Model Developers

The model was implemented using Modgen, a generic micro-simulation programming language developed and maintained at Statistics Canada. Modgen is free and can be downloaded from:


Modgen 12 requires Microsoft Visual Studio 17. The free community version can be downloaded from the Microsoft site:


This software must be installed before Modgen is installed.

All steps of the model development together with all analysis files for parameter generation, including test data of an imaginary country can be downloaded here:


6.3. Data Analysis

All data analysis for the generation of all input parameter files and a starting population file can be reproduced by running a set of documented R scripts. Scripts and sample data files for an imaginary country can be downloaded here: