1. General Report

This report and accompanying resources have been developed to demonstrate the feasibility and relevance of dynamic micro-simulation in the context of developing countries. Advanced and freely available programming tools and improvements in the availability and quality of micro-data have helped make dynamic micro-simulation available at a reasonable cost. At the core of this report is the portable model DYNAMIS-POP which can be applied to most developing countries. The model produces detailed population projections including educational attainment and school attendance, first marriage, transmission of ethnicity, and a detailed model for infant mortality accounting for mother’s characteristics. The model can be used as is or adapted and extended to meet specific needs. DYNAMIS-POP has an intuitive graphical user interface and runs on a standard personal computer. Its code and statistical analysis files are available to model builders and are documented in a step-by-step way. Materials can be use as a textbook and toolbox for micro-simulation model development and implementation.

Keywords: Micro-simulation, Population Projection, Development