DYNAMIS-POP 2.22 now available

What’s new in this version?

Version 2.22 represents a consolidated version of DYNAMIS-POP. It adds modules on stunting and for the calculation of the World Bank’s Human Capital Index (HCI) and integrates the corresponding data analysis steps for parameter estimation into the automated workflow. Version 2.22 comes with a "package for developers" and an “analysis package” (and synthetic test data) that makes all data steps reproducible and facilitates porting the model to a new country. A “user package” includes scenario examples discussed in the User Guide. Version 2.22 comes with a revised and extended set of output tables.

What’s coming next?

The next development steps include the modeling of the linkages between family members (mate matching, union dissolution and re-marriage, children leaving home) and substantial improvements to migration. New migration modules support family migration (keeping families together), temporary work migration of spouses, and back migration. New immigrants (incl. their family networks) can be sampled from pools of host populations, facilitating the modeling of specific classes of immigration like work migration and refugee movements.