Micro-simulation of Sustainable Development Goals Indicators using the DYNAMIS model

DYNAMIS in its current implementation focuses on population projections (DYNAMIS-POP) and developments are underway to extend the model (1) including more detailed education modules, allowing (2) more disaggregation by individual characteristics (e.g. by ethnicity), and (3) allowing more flexible scenarios of internal migration. Once implemented, this model can serve as a base for model extensions in various dimensions. DYNAMIS is an interacting population model, as such it supports the modeling of linked lives (e.g. families, households), transmission processes (inter-generational; transmission of diseases), and interactions between people and institutions (e.g. schools, hospitals) and the environment. In the medium term, this opens a wide range of opportunities to develop the model to a tool supporting the projection and analysis of processes of sustainable development and related indicators.

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