Portability to Many Countries

DYNAMIS-POP has been designed to be easily ported to countries. Most of the work-flow for creating a starting population and model parameters is highly automated.

DYNAMIS-POP is based on data readily available for most developing countries. It is designed to be easily ported to countries. We provide a version for an imaginary country usable for testing, training, and as a template for creating new country applications. Data provided with the model are synthetically generated non-confidential data.

Adapting the model to a specific country typically involves the following steps:

  • Preparation of the base population
  • Production of parameters
  • Compilation of a model with selected modules
  • Analysis of output

All data-based parameters as well as the starting population are generated from a set of four data files which can be derived from population census data and from the data collected through a Demographic and Health Survey (DHS), a Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS), or equivalent. Parameter generation is highly automated to facilitate porting the model to new country contexts by adapting just a few country-specific set-up files. Equally, besides a specific country setup module, which must be adapted to account for country-specific features like geographical regions or the definition of ethnical groups, all modules are generic.